If you are under 40 years old, you probably think you’re too young to plan for retirement. Well let me tell you, I am 61 years old. And I certainly wish that I would have started planning much sooner. Now I am putting every penny I can into retirement accounts.
It’s just never enough, and it doesn’t look like I’ll have much to look forward to in retirement. In fact, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to retire at all. I mean, I may have to work until I medically am forced into retirement.
That is not a happy thought.
So if you are a younger person please start early! Save a few dollars each paycheck. When you have enough scraped together,  then open a retirement account and continue putting money in there every paycheck. I am very confident that you can do it! I believe in you. I believe you can exceed even your own expectations for yourself.
Remember, the important thing about  building wealth for retirement  is time! It takes time for money contributed to build wealth. So start now. You’ll be glad later when you are my age!

“Aim small, Miss small.”