Crime Reduction or Not, Oregon SB1503

Senate Bill 1503. What follows is my testimony submitted to the Oregon Senate in the 2024 legislative session:

“Thank you for your service to the free state of Oregon. Thank you for taking vows and oaths to uphold and defend the National constitution and the Oregon constitution. Since you said you would do that, you really must know that attacking the law abiding will not solve crime. Punishing criminals does. We do not need a money grubbing bureaucracy we need law enforcement especially of habitual career criminals. Gang members commit crimes. Repeat offenders make up most of the criminal numbers. This task force is worse than a band aid.
This bill locks guns to health. WRONG! This is not a health crisis. It is an accountability crises. Hold criminals accountable for their actions. Guns don’t commit crimes. People do that. These bad souls don’t need a doctor, they need to be held accountable for their own actions.
No task force will help this reality.
Follow the constitution(s). Support the police. Remove lenient judges. End restorative justice. Restore freedom for good citizens. Stop; wasting money.

Email Is The Strangest Thing!

Recently I failed to update my payment option in GoDaddy’s account management in a timely way. My fault. My bad. By the time I realized what the problem was, and tried to act on it, GoDaddy dropped my email account (apparently). So I am trying to “regain access” through the feature.

Wish me luck, huh? I like my email. It is basically a reminder for new friends what my name is. And hundreds of people contact me through this very address.

I tried to pay over the phone, but GoDaddy doesn’t allow that apparently. Right, I know it may not be a “best practice” for either side of such a transaction, but when necessary, it solves a host of difficulties.

I hope this can be resolved in a timely manner. The tool they use for regaining access to your email offers a 72 hour response time. Hmmmm. My life moves along much faster than that. I’ve already missed a lot of important info from associates. I may have to resort to a can and a long string soon…a very long string!

Thanks for reading along here and have a wonderful day….oh and check your email, not for content, but just to see if it’s still working!

UPDATE: I was finally successful in accessing my account with GoDaddy. The critical “Stuff” is now updated. May be getting some of this off my chest helped a little. LOL