Email Is The Strangest Thing!

Recently I failed to update my payment option in GoDaddy’s account management in a timely way. My fault. My bad. By the time I realized what the problem was, and tried to act on it, GoDaddy dropped my email account (apparently). So I am trying to “regain access” through the feature.

Wish me luck, huh? I like my email. It is basically a reminder for new friends what my name is. And hundreds of people contact me through this very address.

I tried to pay over the phone, but GoDaddy doesn’t allow that apparently. Right, I know it may not be a “best practice” for either side of such a transaction, but when necessary, it solves a host of difficulties.

I hope this can be resolved in a timely manner. The tool they use for regaining access to your email offers a 72 hour response time. Hmmmm. My life moves along much faster than that. I’ve already missed a lot of important info from associates. I may have to resort to a can and a long string soon…a very long string!

Thanks for reading along here and have a wonderful day….oh and check your email, not for content, but just to see if it’s still working!

UPDATE: I was finally successful in accessing my account with GoDaddy. The critical “Stuff” is now updated. May be getting some of this off my chest helped a little. LOL