Against Man-Made Gun Control

In 2021, Democrats in the Oregon legislature declared all out war on freedom in Oregon. Here is one of my responses to but one of the many ridiculous proposals they have foisted upon unsuspecting citizens of Oregon.

Greetings and thanks for your service to the people of Oregon;

HB2543: Thank you for this opportunity.  This bill violates Section 1 (Rights are Natural to people), of the Oregon Constitution and Section 27 (right to bear arms).  It places a natural right below the man-made restrictions pertinent thereto.  HB2543 enacted, would allow the individual(s) in the Oregon State Police to process, or choose to fail to process applications for firearms transfer.  That subjugates rule of law to rule of men.  This is a terrible idea.  In practice, it has caused death or serious injury to vulnerable persons who could have protected themselves had they been able to procure a firearm in a more timely manner.

HB2543 would result in unnecessary delays in firearms transfers.  The Oregon State Police must never be allowed to impose their will on citizens because of their individual beliefs about firearms ownership or the right to bear individually carried arms.  Yes they can enforce laws and apprehend criminals.  But this law makes criminals out of the law abiding.  Within it is the assumption that good citizens are guilty of something just because they enjoy a natural right (Section 1, Oregon Constitution, “Rights”). 

You must never coerce a citizen out of a natural right under color of man-made laws!  See

In short, a citizen in good standing should not have to prove their worthiness to own or bear arms.  They each have that natural right!  This is foundational to the freedom we claim to enjoy.  To do otherwise is to succumb to the idea that individuals are not sovereign as created, but only have rights conferred by government.  This is not so.  Nor is it right.  Individuals are sovereign as created, meaning they have rights that cannot and must not be violated nor infringed.  That is, these rights are inalienable!  Please join me in opposing this Marxist proposal. 

I am a natural born citizen in good standing in Oregon. 

One side of my family was here before Oregon was a state.  The other side came in 1927. This bill is not in keeping with the spirit of responsible freedom the state began with…stop the bill, enjoy the freedom. 

And go after criminal behavior, not law-abiding citizens.  Please. 

Respectfully, Rodney John Tombleson, life time Oregon citizen.


Rodney John Tombleson  Oregon Citizen, Prineville 97754

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1619 Project Has No Credibility

How can the 1619 project be taken seriously?

History is what happened. Sometimes, most of the time, people write what happened, or rather their version of events. Ignoring previous recorders and observers on the formation of the USA is simply creating a new version of events to the liking of one ignorant of real events.

The New York Times (NYT), has little credibility when it comes to fidelity to actual events. The paper hid the Holocaust. They hid the Katyn massacre. Now they promote what are clearly racist lies about the nature and character and even the beginnings of the USA. The NYT has a never ending record of distortion of modern events. They are clearly biased to some liberal view of nearly every matter under the sun. Yet we are supposed to believe their commentary and support for the 1619 Project.

The author of the project, NIcole Hannah-Jones, has little credibility either. She clear has made racist statements to the effect that white people are racists.

Yeah, ok. Some people being racist does not mean all people are racist. That applies to all people and people groups. While she offers the disclaimer that she herself is not racist, her comments in the article above give up her lie about that.

“the white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world,”

Wow. You can’t make this stuff up. With such a gross and broad generalization, it is clear that her mind is not that of a real thinker, and certainly unqualified to evaluate the events of North American history from 1492 to present. Not, at least, in my opinion.

The founders of the USA were caught in the ugly realities of their day, just as we are. Opportunity was found, however, against great odds I think. That opportunity led to the authoring of truly inspired documents. And those documents have led to the development of the most tolerant, creative, powerful, economically viable, exceptional nation, country and culture in the history of the world.

The real question is, how long can it last, especially when some people are trying so very hard to distort it and destroy it.

God Bless America!

Letter to Oregon Legislators, 2/1/2021

(This is the gist of my recent email to Oregon legislators)

Greetings and thank you for serving our pioneer state!

There is another spate of hate…for gun owners in the proposals before you in the Oregon Legislature for 2021.  SB396, 554, 585, 492, 604, and HB2510, 2543, and 2872.  As though 941 in the past wasn’t bad enough, these are just more attempts to destroy the freedoms espoused in our constitution.  You took an oath. 

I ask you to look up “Project Exile,” Project Exile | PAVE | Programs | Camp Good Days, in Virginia of a few years ago.  Under that project, spiraling violent crime was vastly reduced.  Look it up.  How?  By enforcing existing laws.  Criminals caught in crimes, possessing firearms, were charged locally, and with federal crimes, then punished according to the law.  Mandatory sentences if convicted.  Most crime is committed by repeat offenders.

I urge you to reject the socialist agenda in Oregon, of infringing natural rights we citizens were born with.  I urge you to uphold your oath of office and enforce existing laws. That is how we reduce violent crime in Oregon.