Repeal the 17th Amendment!

Constitutional Minute, 3/19/2024, 17th Amendment, 1913

I. Assumptions on Nature of Mankind
Mankind is sinful, cannot be trusted to lead others.
Mankind is sinful, can be persuaded to vote for us in large mass numbers.
There are differences in the way we think about these ideas.

II. Founders Refuted Direct Democracy
The smaller states would not vote for the constitution proposed unless the Senators were selected by the states and received equal number of Senators. Larger states wanted the people to elect Senators and Representatives, because they had an advantage by doing that. It was a very great compromise for both to do it the way they did.

III. What’s the Real Question? (Control the Masses)
In 1913, Democrats pointed 1) to corruption in the selection of Senators. But now I ask, did they solve the problems of corruption? 2) They said choosing Senators in the state legislators resulted in deadlock. Oh they fixed that didn’t they? NO. It is typical of politicians to lie about what they are really trying to accomplish. This is because they believe it’s ok to treat adults as children.

Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Jody Hice (GA), have urged the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

My sense of the matter is that the Senate and House do have different purposes and therefore it follows that they should have different means of coming into being. 3 points: 1) The “bicameral” system reduces the impact of special interests. 2) The 17th has brought more corruption in fund raising. 3) Expansionist federal activity has increased.

If the two are the same and empowered in the same way, one of them is not necessary.

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